Raincon 2018!

    We have locked in our venue, The Rainforest Arts Center for June, 15-17th!

    More Raincon news to come soon, still under construction!

    Contact us about reserving your geek culture merchandise/comic table, leading a workshop, or just to volunteer your time to help out for the weekend! We already have five tables reserved, 15 left!

    Click to Contact!

Clallam Bay Comicon!

    Check out our sister con, (parent con really if we're being honest!) Clallam Bay Comicon!


    Our first workshop will be led by Donna Barr, she will be leading us on "How To Make a Comic Book Mini!"

Let us know if you'd like to take part or know someone who would be willing to talk about their Geekdom!


    We have a volunteer to run Raincon's MTG tournament, details forthcoming! Much thanks to Nate for that!